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Real Estate Virtual Assistance

Agents are busy. As an agent, it is easy to be bogged down by paperwork and computer work, while knowing real success is being face to face with clients. Delegate the items you do not need to do yourself, and focus on selling!.

For Real Estate Agents, Brokers & Teams

As a real estate agent, your day is always busy. There is a never ending list of tasks to do, CMAs to create, listings to email, showings to set up. Get that off of your plate by delegating to our experienced real estate transaction team. With our easy and quick training process, send tasks to us and stay focused on selling!

Transaction Coordinator

  • Connecting Emails to All Parties
  • Calculate the deadlines and update the respective systems
  • Check if earnest money is deposited and file it for compliance
  • Under Contract posts on Social Media
  • Check the Status of home inspection and appraisal with the agent and lender
  • Scheduling the Final Walkthrough with the buyer’s agent
  • Schedule closing
  • Submit the documents for compliance
  • Updating the CRM and other systems as needed
  • Update past sales in zillow
  • Just Sold posts on Social Media
  • Ordering closing gifts if applicable
  • Remind agent to remove any post/signs/lockbox
  • Request the client to leave a review

Listing Entry & Management

You want to provide a comprehensive presentation for any new listing, which takes time to track down and create. Save time by utilizing our Delegation Department to handle this for you.

  • Pre Listing Paperwork
  • Creating CMA
  • Congratulation email to Client and the next steps
  • MLS Input
  • Scheduling staging
  • Scheduling photos
  • Uploading photos, video tours and documents to MLS
  • Update company and any third party websites
  • Once active send copy of MLS to the client
  • Ordering Signs and lockbox
  • Updating Showing Time
  • Coming/Just Listed posts on Social Media
  • Verifying the documents for Signatures
  • Submitting listings for compliance
  • Updating the CRM and other systems as needed
  • Price Reduction
  • Price Reduction posts on Social Media

Administrative Assistance

  • Managing Paperwork and Contracts - We know that there are so many documents required for every transaction. Let our Team help you manage these documents, signatures and ensure compliance!
  • Daily Updating CRM and other systems - If an update is not in the CRM, it does not exist – we have all heard this mantra. Let our Delegation Team keep your agents organized by making updates in your CRM, lead partners, or any other sites you need.
  • Database Management - Adding contacts to CRM, Setting Up drips and adding notes, Database clean up as required, Mass Updates

Tracking & Scorecards

  • Daily Lead Audit – Track the performance of agents in handling brand new leads
  • Sales Scorecard – Track your Set,Met & Signed
  • Weekly Scorecard – Track the overall performance of your agents (CRM, Goals, Listings,Under Contact, Closed. Everything in one place to conduct your one on one)
  • Updating CTE, SISU, Quick books
  • Custom reports based on clients requirement

Social Media Management

Social media management entails the creation and monitoring of your business's online interactions across various social media platforms. It includes strategizing, content creation, scheduling and analyzing engagement data.

  • Lead Generation
  • Strategy Development: Social Media Audit, Personalized Social Media Deck, Goal Setting, Audience Targeting
  • Content Creation: Employing Content Pillars, Creative Team
  • Posting and Scheduling
  • Community Management: Engaging with your Audience
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Account Optimization 

Besides our primary offerings, we also provide marketing services including SEO, PPC, web development, graphic design, and video editing.

Virtual Call Center

There is always more opportunity out there to be provided to your agents, but not always enough time to find it. Our ISA Team will dial to provide your agents with appointments and nurtures to convert.

Gather information from prospective clients and qualify them prior to moving them forward in the sales pipeline so agents can provide an efficient sales process.

  • Managed, Trained ISA
  • 5 to 8 qualified nurtures per week
  • Roleplays, Script Training and Calibration
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly review meetings
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For Real Estate Investors

Property research

Our Team can research properties and neighborhoods to identify potential investment opportunities based on criteria such as location, price, and market trends.

Property management

Our team can manage rental properties by handling tasks such as tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and lease agreements.

Administrative tasks

Our team can handle administrative tasks such as answering emails, scheduling appointments, and managing calendars.

Data entry and management

Our team can assist with data entry and management tasks such as inputting property information into a database, organizing documents, and maintaining records.

Lead Generation

Our team can help generate leads by reaching out to potential sellers, landlords, or property managers through email, phone, or social media.

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