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“Working with you guys was just a complete next level to it. Your agents now have access to tools that help them on their business on their level. Systems like this are high level, you're world class across the country with top teams, what you do guys is amazing. This system gave us the confidence to cut out 8,000 dollars of real turtlecorn and zillow.”

Lars Hedenborg, founder Real Estate B-School

“I am a big believer that you have to inspect what you expect….Vishnu and her team…always come back 100% correct!”

Thomas Elrod, Co-Founder, High Performance Real Estate Advisors

Accountability is Love, providing information, telling each team you've set goals for yourself and your family. I see it as a tool that we care about them and their goals versus just being you didn't get enough calls this week. you do every task.

Tara Limbird, Rainmaker Limbird Team

"I love the fact that it’s a source that we can keep adding different tasks to…and they are familiar with our business. And LOVE the fact that you can video your request and they can follow the directions that way. It has saved us lots of time in tracking and in our accountability and then opening up doors for activities myself and my admin can think about that someone else can do so we can continue to grow our business."

Melissa Thompson, Owner, Melissa Thompson Team

The first big change was we essentially brought a lot more time back into our business. It did several things that allowed us to be more effective in what we were doing with the team helping them to grow both on a team and individual basis. We actually found more time in our own personal lives because we weren't spending hours on end sitting and ignoring our families taking the data and trying to effectively report it to the team. It gave us balance in business and personal life, it allowed us to be more effective leaders for our team.

Evan Dua, Sales Manager, Dave Friedman Team

"ERS helps us to have our staff concentrate on higher-level aspects of our business and stay out of the minutiae. Which in turn enables us to provide a higher level of client care service to our clients. This provides us with a greater number of 5-star reviews, greater number of referrals, which results in higher-level sales."

Dawn Knox, Client Care Manager, AJ Team of Keller Williams Realty

"ERS allows my admin team to work on the most dollar productive activities. Operations are more efficient as they can focus on their most important tasks. They are quick to learn and implement our systems and suggest tweaks to make the process more efficient. They have the experience background to step in quickly and get the job done. We are very pleased with ERS!"

Brian Reed, Team Leader/Broker, Ryan & Brian Real Estate Team

"ERS is extremely responsive to our needs and employs excellent proactive communication and reporting."

Trey Carroll, Systems Manager, Kittle Real Estate

“So I can tell the difference in the temperature of the team and the stress level, and see them enjoying hitting their goals. I can see a huge difference in that. To me that's not something you can measure on paper … that's a HUGE thing.”

Kristi Huff, Operations Manager, Limbird Real Estate Group
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