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The expanding solar industry demands an increasing number of solar-related jobs in installation, manufacturing, and operations and maintenance. However, the most significant growth is observed in the resources needed to educate consumers through both digital and traditional means. According to the National Solar Jobs Census by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), the solar industry supported 255,037 jobs as of December 2021, representing a 9.2% increase from 2020. To support solar companies in this industry, we offer a range of virtual assistant services, including:

Customer Service

Our team can handle customer inquiries, support, and technical assistance. We can also provide customers with information about the company's solar products and services.

Sales Support

Our team can assist with lead generation and sales by identifying potential customers, conducting outreach, and following up with prospects.

Appointment Scheduling

Our team can schedule appointments for sales calls, installations, and maintenance services. We can also send appointment reminders to customers.

Billing and Invoicing

Our team can handle billing and invoicing tasks, such as sending invoices, following up on payments, and reconciling accounts.

Administrative Support

Our team can provide administrative support, such as data entry, research, and document preparation.

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